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The Benefits of Dual Platform Web-to-Print Solution for Advertising Agencies

Web-to-Print Platform

Web-to-Print solutions helps advertising agencies reduce the review cycle time and production costs associated with producing advertising material [1].

End-users are given the ability to create advertising material for a range of different media types including print, web and digital advertising. Such a web-to-print solution allows customers or end-users to create a design online using a web-based application that utilizes customizable templates.

This allows for the creation of simple, convenient design advertising related media such as [1]:

Benefits of Web-to-Print for Printing Service Providers

Web-to-print solutions can help a printing service provider reduce review cycle time and production costs. Web-to-print solutions allows end-users or customers of a printing service provider to create various print related designs for a multitude of different media digitally and online.

Such digital, online creation of print design is template based – meaning an end-user or customer can create, save, alter and edit print designs conveniently and easily without violating their brand integrity or going beyond design guidelines.

This online template based approach to print design allows for much greater interactivity between the end-user or customer and the printing service provider during the prepress and proofing stage.


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